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An astute and observant
forward...make Satch an
astute and observant writer
on the American scene.

Intriguing observations of
a very sharp mind.

Satch’s wisdom, judgment,
and humor are on display.

For those who’ve never had
the riveting pleasure of a
casual conversation with
Satch Sanders, a wonderful opportunity now exists.

A keen eye for the roles we all play in the passing parade called humanity.

Satch not only doesn’t miss it; he completely gets it!


Tom "Satch" Sanders

The eight-time Boston Celtics world champion "Satch," as he is commonly called, is valued for over forty years of professional experience. For eighteen years, he was the vice president and director of the National Basketball Association Player Development Department. There he helped to design programs for new and veteran players trying to make the transition into and out of professional basketball.

He came to the NBA from Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society where for two years he helped to create new approaches to balancing college athletics and academics. Satch's business sense and his ability to deal with people in all walks of life allowed him to own and personally manage a successful downtown Boston restaurant with live entertainment and disco. “Satch’s” was in operation for five years.

The New York University graduate's basketball resumé is as encompassing as any of the outstanding athletes anyone can name. Thirteen seasons as a starter for the Boston Celtics explains itself. After retiring from playing, he was named head coach of the Harvard University basketball team. After four years at Harvard, Satch  returned to the Boston Celtics coaching staff for two years. Interestingly enough, for thirty-eight years, he has remained "the coach" by concurrently running an annual two-week basketball camp in New Hampshire.

Over the years, with his multitudinous experiences and the help of his wife, the erudite Virginia, Satch has delivered many insightful presentations on subjects such as real teamwork, leadership, motivation, and coping with many societal issues.

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